P-A-W  People for Animal Welfare
Volunteers Caring for Animals in West Glamorgan
About Us...

We are an independent non-profit making voluntary group who's primary objective is to assist in the good welfare of all animals. Made up of dedicated volunteers, we do not charge any fees for our work or help, and the sponsorship we do receive (from local businesses) is put toward the running costs of our group van, which is used in our rescue and transportation work.

To help us achieve our objectives we support and assist in the work of a number of animal welfare charities and organisations, dealing in both wildlife and domestic animals (please see below for locations).

The type of support we give include the transporting of animals, eg. dogs/cats, to veterinary surgeries and rescue centres, providing temporary holding of wildlife, rescuing wildlife for transporting to medical facilities, performing home check suitability for pre-adopted puppies and dogs, rescue centre kennel work and dog walking, and lending a hand in animal welfare awareness, fund raising, and recruitment activities.  We also work closely with local police forces, local authorities, and RSPCA etc.

P-A-W mainly operates in and around the West Glamorgan county of South Wales, which include localities of: 

Swansea, Gower, Neath, Neath Valley, Port Talbot, Afan Valley, Pyle and Kenfig Hill.

We may at times though transport sick, injured and adopted/foster animals to locations further afield, and one regular transport run involves a trip to an animal sanctuary in Somerset when longer-term treatment and/or rehabilitation of a wildlife animal is needed.

If you know of an injured animal, or just wish to report a concern, eg. pet abandonment, puppy mill/farm, or cases of cruelty, abuse or neglect etc, then please let us know via our Contacts page so we can arrange to help the animal as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, you can use our Links page to contact one of the animal organisations listed (we strongly recommend the RSPCA and/or local police always be contacted first for serious and unlawful incidents).  When making contact please ensure that you provide all necessary information, including type of incident, type of animal involved, your contact details (unless you wish to remain anonymous), name of location of the incident, and name of road for traffic accidents if applicable.

Please note that we treat all sources of information and contact details with utmost confidentiality, and always respect any request for anonymity.